Rottnest Island, WA

Rottnest island is a small island off the coast of Western Australia near Fremantle. In 2018 it’s known for Quokka selfies (check out the hashtag #quokkaselfie on instagram), quick holiday and beach destinations and festivals. Much has changed from it’s original historic past.IMG_9317

It is a beautiful island to explore and relax. You can lay on one of 68 beaches, go snorkelling, cycling, go to the Rottnest bakery, play golf, watch a movie…. there’s a lot to see and do on this small island.

Though in 2018 it is an island for fun and families I do need to acknowledge the original use and dark past of the island. For nearly 100 years it was a prison for indigenous men and boys from ages of 8 to 70. They were brought over, often for minor offences like stealing food. For more information check out this article: The Australian: Rottnest Island’s dark past 

IMG_9242Over the years it was often referenced as “sex island” to younger generations, especially during the 50’s and 60’s. It was a place you’d go for ‘fun times’. Nowadays it’s more of a family holiday spot with old rental houses and camping grounds. My family use to go all the time when I was in primary school.

I recently went back with a friend for the first time in forever (sorry for frozen reference…and sorry if that song is stuck in your head now)! We went just for a day because we had free ferry tickets. We brought our own bikes, cycled around, played mini golf, went swimming, had some food. The usual daily activities when visiting. It was fun but I got terribly sunburnt! I am a pale person and no amount of sunburn seems to shield me from the sun.

Below is a video from my Instagram of our day at Rottnest Island.

Having you ever been to Rottnest Island? Or know any beautiful islands near your home?

Let me know

Stamped Passport img_7183-version-3

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