Best food in Perth

This blog is not a food blog (even though I go out for brunch more than I like to admit) but I thought I’d make a post of 12 places I go to regularly for great food. It’s almost the weekend so surely people are looking for great places to go to.

Hopefully this is useful for an out of towner visiting Perth in need of a good feast. I will also make sure to put links in! These aren’t in any particular order.

1. Goreng Goreng

The BEST mix ASIAN CUISINE in Perth!

This place is amazing for some fresh modern Asian food.  It is only open for dinner but a must try. It’s a reasonable price and the portions are massive! I had always imagined the perfect noodle dish in my head and Goreng2 had it. – I’m not the only one to say Goreng2 had someones dream dish.

I always get make your own noodles with tofu, oyster sauce and a fried egg on top.

2. Pranziamo

A nice cafe on Oxford St in Leederville. It is one of my favourite cafes. It’s got great pastries/muffins, ice-cream and a great menu.  It has become on of my go to cafes. The eggs are standard, nothing exciting but sometimes that’s all you need.

The Ricotta pancakes are superb. If you are sensitive to dairy… take a laxative tablet!

3. The Hummus Club

I AM OBSESSED with this place. I could eat their hummus and bread all day!! This place is amazing… That’s all I have to say

4. Flora and Fauna

This place has heaps of Instagram followers for a reason! It is great for Vegans, gf and df diets and someone looking for a nice outside breakfast under the sun.

They serve their meals with great fruit platters and are always coming up with new exciting meal options.

5. Spritz Spizzicheria Italiana

This place has the BEST gelato in Perth. If I need gelato I go here. They are also an amazing restaurant but I have gone there for their gelato numerous times and every flavour is sensational. My favourite in the classic chocolate!

6. Full Moon Thai

Good place for some pretty standard thai. It’s nothing fancy but it’s got some of the best Thai in Perth.

I can’t say one dish as my favourite. All of it is good.

7. Chinta cafe

The best Chai latte in Perth. I recommend getting it with Soy. I go there for the Chai. Their food is also pretty good but their Chai is outstanding.

8. Pappagellos

Good, wholesome Italian food. Great pizza, great gnocchi, great atmosphere.

9. Sayers Sister

Another great cafe in Perth. Their chai is really good and their breakfast are always beautiful. They accommodate well to dietary requirements, from my experience, and are always great with service. Been there many times.

10. Oolong and Linclons.

Great place in Fremantle. They are great to just go have a coffee and cake but they also have an amazing breakfast. I had chocolate, chai and cherry pancakes the first time I went and it was insane! My aunty says O & L is her favourite place to get chai (but I still stand with Chinta haha)

11. NOOD

Great cafe for gluten free, dairy free and raw needs. They aren’t vegetarian but they have vego options. I have a friend who can’t have gluten, dairy, certain fruits and other foods due to her stomach. It’s our go to spot.

12. Neighbourhood Pizza.

This place can be hard to find if you’re not a local- my friend from NSW said she had to take a second look. But it’s there, trust me and it’s worth searching for. It has beautiful oven fire pizzas and a good variety for everyone’s pizza needs.

Comment below your favourite places if you’re a Perth local!

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