Loving Your Location

With Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the magic of social media we get to see amazing places around the world through the lenses of amazing videographers and photographers.

We dream of being where someone else is. Wishing we could be where they are to capture that location because we find our location… boring.

For ages I was sad because I couldn’t get myself to another location for longer than a couple of days and I believed I had no resources for creativity. I was wrong.IMG_0147

Sure, we’d all love to be off travelling the world and seeing new cities but first, we need to love our location.

When you post a picture of your local coffee shop or nearest beach, someone else in the world is probably wishing they were there instead of their home in Italy or Canada.

If you think your location has no photograph opportunities or fun activities, I think you’ve become too involved in the normal routine of your city, because believe me when I say there is always something to see or do where you live it’s just a matter of putting in some effort to finding it.

My point is, don’t jump the gun on saying there’s nothing where you are. There always is because someone in India hasn’t seen what is just around the corner from you.

Still seek the life of travelling but don’t ignore the amazing opportunities around you to inspire your future travel.

Stamped Passportimg_7183-version-3


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