Planned Vs. Unplanned

Do you prefer planned or unplanned trips? Are you on the fence with both or can you only stick to one or the other?

I usually believe that you’re either one or the other. “There are two types of people in this world”– said by so many people in the history of life.

I have experienced both and I have to say I like the idea of having a mix. I use to be all plan but whenever I look back on my favourite memories…the unplanned ones seem to stick right out. A last minute trip to Brighton, an extra week in a foreign country, going somewhere for one night on a limb (limb? wim? -what is the correct saying?) and walking with no direction- All unplanned things I tried that ended up being travel highlights.

I’m not known for going with the flow, I like organisation, sticking to schedules and etc so “going with the flow” shocks my system.

The benefits of planning are you always know where you’re going and what you’re doing which can make many people feel relaxed and calm, which is why they go on holiday. I do love a good plan but there is something about saying why not to a new idea that I have recently come to accept.

It sounds weird but from being someone who hates winging things I love the thrill of unplanned adventures.

However there are risks to being on the more unplanned side. For me it ended up with losing a good sum of money for booked accommodation I had “planned” in advance. I had the decision to make. Stay an extra week in Austria and do more skiing and meeting people or going back to London for an extra five days. I decided on skiing and had to cancel my accommodation bookings and the companies would not give me a refund.

I went with adventure over plans (not that plans don’t have adventure!) and ended up having another great week of skiing (my legs were being to look great after all of the skiing! It didn’t last long though haha) and meeting some great people in that extra week. 

I also like cruise holidays and that’s all about schedules and timing. So I’ve come to a cross road of what type of holiday to go on next? I’d love to fly to Europe or the US and just go where I feel like but then I’d also love to go to Asia with a planned holiday or even another cruise holiday. Which do I choose?!

So what’s better planned? unplanned? both? I think both.

Stamped Passport img_7183-version-3

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