My top 11 things to do in London

I absolutely love London! Last time I visited I was there for 10 days and still didn’t see everything it has to offer. My favourite thing to do was to not really have a plan but just to go to Kings Cross station (closest station to my hostel) and take the train to a random stop and then just walk from there.

I was lucky to be there in December so there were all these beautiful Christmas decorations and festivals. However, I know there are some great events on during the Summer if anyone is heading there in June/July!

So here are my top ten things to do in London:

  1. Portobello Street Markets! One of my favourite places. If you like great food, antiques, collectables and fashion it’s the place to go on a Saturday morning. There are also lots of nice cafes down side streets or you can get a great feast from food stalls all the way down the road. I had an amazing burger made fresh right in front of me and Oh. My. God. It was just incredible!
  2. Walking through Notting Hill and Kensington.
    These two areas are absolutely beautiful. You walk past all those classic white notting hill buildings (great for photos!). Kensington is also a beautiful place to walk through. I came across the Kensington place gardens and on that street you’re not allowed to take photos! It’s
    the richest street in London, I believe, and has all these massive houses and beautiful cars out the front (I saw many Fiat 500s). There are security and security cameras, and guards at the front of the street letting cars through. And when you come to the end of the street you get to Kensington Park which is also beautiful to walk through.DSC00590
  3. The London Dungeon on South Bank. I had no idea what to expect from this but this ended up being on of my favourite adventures in London! I don’t do scary or horror themes and this was exactly that. It was a moving show. You’re in a group and there are all these actors telling a story of old London England. With skits about Jack the Ripper and the plague. They also include the audience and every time they asked someone they seemed to ask me…every time. Everyone thought it was hilarious but I was shitting myself inside. It was definitely the scariest experience I’d ever done…but I loved it!!
  4. Harry Potter tour at Warner Brother studios. I also absolutely loved this! If you love or even just like Harry Potter this is worth a visit. It is a short train ride out of London but you get to see all the behind the scenes of the films. You get to see costumes, props, film sets, how they made snow, you can try butter beer and at the end you get to see the actual model of Hogwarts they used in the film. Definitely worth it!
  5. Seeing a random show on the West End. Just go to the west end area and book tickets to any show with tickets available. West End is iconic so it’s an area you need to explore whilst in London.
  6. Angel Station. It was my first night in London and I had to go somewhere to get a sim card for the 2 months I was in Europe. I googled the nearest area and the directions told me to get off at Angel station. I got off and the area was beautiful. There were market stalls and great places for shopping and food.
  7. Hyde Park. It’s classic Hyde Park but it’s classic for a reason. If you’re there in the summer go have a picnic there or if you’re there in December they have a winter festival which is amazing! Filled with rides and food stalls with food from all over Europe.
  8. Apple Markets and Convent Garden. I went to Convent garden numerous times. The first I got very lost! But it’s a quaint place with shops and the apple markets which has lots of beautiful artwork and handmade gifts. There are more food stalls and a Laduree shop to (I love macarons!). There is also the famous square where street performers get massive crowds and try to impressive them so they will drop some money into a hat.
  9. London Eye. I know the London Eye is the biggest tourist thing you could possibly do but it is for a reason. I thought why not and just bought a ticket to go on it. I was lucky and there wasn’t a massive line so I was able to get on quite quickly. The views you see from it are just beautiful. Unless you were in a helicopter I don’t know where else you’d get amazing views like it from different angles. I went up quite late in the afternoon so there was a beautiful orange glow over the city.
  10. South Bank. I met up with a friend whilst in London and we didn’t really have plan. We walked across westminster bridge and then all the way down South Bank and kept walking. South Bank a great place to walk along. It’s right by the Thames and there are Christmas stalls and popular places like the Tate modern, the London eye and the shakespeare globe.
  11. Camden markets. It’s a crowed place but the things you can buy there?! It’s awesome. It’s a very edgy, urban area and the camden markets are packed with alley ways filled with stalls of all different unique things. You can also get some great food there and have a drink.DSC00608 - Version 2


If you have any favourite things to do in London let me know in the comments below 🙂

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