Will the fear stop you?

A bomb went off in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert killing 19 (Update: 22) people. I wonder how many were between the ages of 8-17? Such a terrible cowardly act that has deeply affected the Manchester community and the rest of the world.

Suicide bombers, terrorist attacks, wars and horrible life threatening events all over the world seem to be defining our choices.

It’s the fear of what if I had walked there only 5 minutes later? Or going to a popular destination always congested with people that is a target for an unknown disaster.

The lindt cafe in Sydney, Westminster bridge in London, Breitdheidplatz in Berlin and Paris. All places I have found myself visiting in my life time and all these places have wounded pasts, so what if?

So this fear…

The fear that if we travel somewhere we’ll get trapped inside the terrible acts of people who have fallen away from the faith of others and loved ones. 

My question is Will the fear stop you? You. Will it? Will it stop me? No.

Even though there are fears of flying and jumping we can not let it stop us from living. If we fall into the fear these attackers have created they will win.

It’s a gloomy topic but here is what I say. If I die in a plane crash, that’s how it’ll be. You can not control what happens so I’d rather die trying then not trying at all. 

What happened in Manchester was one of the worst crimes anyone could commit and then not having the guts to face the consequences. Horrible.

We cannot not let these ‘people’ allow us to hide in the shadows. Instead we must keep moving, living for those who don’t have the chance anymore. We cannot give into the fear.

I am fearful of flying, I am terrified of congested places but I am scared of missing out on life.

Will this fear stop you? 

Stamped Passport xxnintchdbpict000326043711

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