How to beat jet lag (is it possible?)

Whether you’re heading home after a long holiday or going away and wanting to explore ASAP, jet lag can be a huge pain when you just want to get going or get into the swing of things.

I use to be terrible with jet lag. I would sleep all day and then be up at 3AM doing the most random projects. So it would take me a while to get over the jet lag.

The steps I do now to overcome jet lag I thought were extremely normal but when recently talking to a friend about her travels where the time difference is significant I mentioned what I do and the reaction was “Oh my god. I’m going to try that!“.

So maybe you do these or maybe you don’t. But they have helped me when flying to the USA or Europe, or even just to Sydney. DSC02520

  1. Plan ahead with your sleeping schedule. Adjusting your schedule before you get on the flight helps. It can be hard if you’re busy but if you the time to slightly adjust, do it.
  2. As soon as you get to the airport you need to switch to your destination’s time. When I was flying from Perth to Orlando I made sure I slept when it was nighttime in Orlando and made sure I stayed awake during it’s daytime hours. I did this because we only had 1 day to visit Universal studios before leaving on a cruise and I didn’t want to be out of it because of jet lag. I had Harry Potter world to see!! 
  3. It is important to get a good nights sleep before your flight. Some people try to pull all nighters or only get a few hours of sleeping thinking “Oh, I’ll just pass out once I’m on the plane”. Terrible, terrible mistake. Dramatic last minute changes to your routine will make it harder to adjust.
  4. Avoid the bar. When up high in the sky the effects of alcohol will not help you. It will increase tiredness and cause dehydration which will make beating jet lag even more tough.
  5. Stay away from the sleeping pills. I know trying to sleep on a flight can be tricky but sleeping pills will not assist you beating jet lag, instead you’ll feel fuzzy and in some cases, dizzy. Maybe try some hot water and herbal tea?
  6. Bye bye caffeine hello water! Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, cola and various types of energy drinks. They will affect your ability to sleep. Try water, (shock horror!). It’ll keep you hydrated which helps with jet lag.

I think the last 4 are pretty damn obvious but I would have to say number 2 has been my most effective tip to beating the jet lag.

So good luck to everyone arriving in new time zones. If you have any tips leave a comment below.

Stamped Passport img_7183-version-3

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