Have you heard of New Caledonia?

I’m going to put my hand up and say nope. Well, I hadn’t until October last year when a friend and I booked a cruise last minute.

New Caledonia is a French territory and part of the South Pacific region made of islands known for their great marine life for diving and beautiful pine-lined beachesFullSizeRender.jpg-2

From Sydney it’s just over 2000kms in a north east direction. On a cruise ship it takes approximately 2 days to reach. Now that I’ve visited some of the islands such as Isle of Pines, Lifou and Mare I can say it’s an underrated destination and more travellers need to be informed about it and how beautiful it is.

Thanks to the booming cruise industry in Australia it is becoming more and more popular because it is the main destination cruise companies like Carnival, P&O and Royal Caribbean go to (except for New Zealand) from Sydney or Brisbane.

I have done a few posts about some of the islands we visited but I had a few extra photos I wanted to share 🙂

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Lifou, New Caledonia

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Stamped Passport xx 

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