A day out in Perth, Western Australia

Perth in Western Australia is a beautiful spot of the world and I feel like people often forget about it. A lot of my views come from Germany, England and the US so I thought I’d do a post on Perth, my home.

My friend Nicola and I one day had plans to go to breakfast at a cafe called Flora and Fauna. A really nice outdoor spot near Perth’s CBD. It’s a great, delicious place with their food presentation being Instagram worthy for anyone! The fruit platters they do are awesome. Their teas are great and the cakes are worth picking up and saving for later.

As good friends do, we spent ages talking and ended up wondering into the CBD going down lanes with cafes and wall art. Wolf lane is a great spot!

And all of a sudden we kind of hoped in my car and drove all the way out to the Swan Valley! The Swan Valley is a decent drive out of Perth and is filled with wineries, honey farms, cheese and chocolate shops. It’s very beautiful.

There is a cafe called the Swan Valley Cafe which is where we ended up. It’s got raw, dairy and gluten free vegetarian meals and cakes. Beautiful location with a plant nursery out the back.

Spontaneous days and road trips in Perth are always great adventures, especially when the weather really comes out to shine. It was a good day. So maybe consider Perth as part of your next holiday destination?

Anyone reading this from outside of Australia ever considered Perth?
Stamped Passport xximg_7183-version-3

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