Seeing Sydney at 5AM

I had always imagined leaving Sydney harbour on a  massive cruise ship. I knew it would be incredible but I was also looking forward to the part of coming into Sydney harbour at 5am.

It’s a bitter sweet moment because you’re sad the cruise is ending but it’s also a very exciting experience. You’re coming home and getting to see the beginning of a hustle and bustle city wake up.

Most of the friends we had made on the cruise had either got no sleep or had 1 hour of light napping. Some didn’t manage to make it to the front of the boat however a few of us did.

We woke up, put on whatever warm clothes we had and headed out to watch the boat enter Sydney harbour. 

We didn’t have the best weather, Sydney was expecting some of the worse storms of the year that day, but it was still a site to see.

The front of the boat was freezing! With strong winds blowing at our faces. After a few minutes I opted for sitting down so I had the glass to protect me from the cold harsh wind.

I managed to get some pretty cool shots before we decided to try and get some more sleep before rushing to breakfast and then leaving ship.


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