Pros + Cons: Travelling Solo

I was merely a 17 year old and had graduated high school, went to uni and said…ok great but all I want to do is travel? So I did. By the time my 18th birthday came around I had planned a two month SOLO adventure.

I had the money saved and the time, so it wasn’t a hard decision to make. 

I had a “Just do it” attitude otherwise I would have missed out on so many experiences.

If you’re thinking of traveling Solo here are my Pro’s and Con’s. Consider this a mini series of “Female travelling solo”. 



  1. You can do whatever (literally whatever) you want, whenever. There is no one to say they’re tired, they don’t feel like it or give that unreasonable No.
  2. You have time for yourself. Time to get to know yourself- corny but trust me, it happens. You are thinking to yourself about your next adventure, actions and plans so you ‘discover’ what you truely want.
  3. It is a BIG learning experience and confidence booster. You have to put yourself out there and just go for things otherwise you simply miss out. When on a contiki I had to put myself out there and meet new people otherwise it would have been a miserable 2 weeks by myself and that is not how to experience contiki. I mean, #nogrets as Contiki says.
  4. Meet more people. Because you are by yourself you will find that you meet more people instead of sticking to your group or partner.
  5. You can take your time. You don’t have to rush through an adventure or location. You can enjoy the moment.
  6. Easy scheduling. Because it is just you, you can schedule your travels how ever you like. No need to worry about what other people desire to do.
  7. Easy budgeting. You know how much you have and how much you’d prefer to spend so it’s easier and quicker for you to budget your plans without worrying about other’s price ranges.


Unfortunately there are always cons to any way of travel.

  1. Possibly…more expensive. Especially with accommodation if you aren’t keen on shared hostel rooms. If you decide the hotel life is for you expect to be paying double! You are paying for that extra person who would fit on the other side of the bed
  2. It can get lonely and exhausting. Unless you meet an amazing group to hang out with day to day the only people you talk to are cashiers, waitresses, retail assistants, the occasional hostel guest or strangers on the street
  3.  It can be dangerous. You can been seen as an easy target so you need to prepare yourself for uncomfortable situations. When I was in Sydney by myself I was approached by a man after 10pm at night. He asked if I was travelling alone (scary right?) and kept asking me questions about where I was from, where I was staying. Thankfully I found a way to leave but be prepared.
  4. Getting lost isn’t the greatest. It can sometimes mean another adventure but if you get lost there isn’t that person to lean on if you don’t have the answer.
  5. Photos can be harder, especially if you like cheesy tourist photos. Be brave and go for the selfies or ask another traveller.

As a female it may seem scary to go out travelling alone, especially in certain countries. But! Don’t let it stop you from exploring what the world has to offer. Remember that danger is always going to be a possibility but it shouldn’t stop us from living and experiencing otherwise we give into the fear. When we should really give into the travel bug (the best kind of bug).

I will do a few more blog posts about travelling solo in the future. Maybe one about particular tips, stories, who knows!

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