Lifou, New Caledonia

The second stop on our 10 day cruise. This island was my favourite and cannot wait till I can go back and snorkel there.

It’s not a fancy island with a resort but there are local stalls and coconut stands as soon as you walk off the jetty.

We adventured to some cave pools which were amazing! Unfortunately no photos, the lens on my camera fell off when climbing down through rock caves and a humid ‘rainforest’ with tree roots as the steps down. It’s a bit of a sketchy walk there, you have to enter this cave rock with an old rope to guide you down but all of a sudden you enter this out of nowhere magic and completely green rainforest. The water was so refreshing and definitely worth the hike and going back up, even in flip flops was a lot easier.

Afterwards we ventured back to the beach and had a swim in the clear blue water which was the perfect temperature. And after getting completely sunburnt and having flower crowns made for us we went back to the boat before departure.

4 thoughts on “Lifou, New Caledonia

    1. It apparently is really incredible!! You have to get a reef pass (all of the money goes to the island and not the cruise company which is nice) and we unfortunately missed out. My friend and I met some people who said it was some of the best snorkelling and they saw turtles and lots of marine life.
      You can snorkel at the main beach but there isn’t any reefs or coral near the shore. If you’re lucky you can see some fish or even, maybe, a turtle. 🙂

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