Contiki bar- Austria Ski Plus Trip | Contiki Mini Series

IMG_2392It has been a while since the last post in the mini contiki series. So, finally, here is another one about the bar in the building Haus Schoneck.

If you haven’t read the previous posts, let me quickly give you an overview. On this ski/snowboarding contiki trip you stay in a small Austrian village called Hopfgarten. The building you stay in is called Haus Strnoeck. It is really old, so don’t expect five star. However it’s perfect for the type of holiday this contiki package offers. You can read a full blog post about Haus Schneck Here.

In the building there is a bar. It’s very simple with the bar, tables and chairs, a dance pole and a few games. It was one of the best places to socialise with others, because majority of us had a common interest…drinking.
After almost every day of skiing I would head back on the bus, get refreshed, sometimes take a nap and eventually go to the bar and say hi to others and get to know them better.

IMG_2114A popular game they had was the nail log game. I am not sure of the game’s official name however, the game would go like this… a group would play trying to hit nails into a log with the opposite end of a hammer and the last to hit the nail in fully would buy the group or the winner a drink. I played a few times and lost once. The losers would often go and buy the worst shot (Devil’s Brew).

Every night there was a different event in the bar. First night there was a welcome meeting, the next a Quiz Night, then Schnapps night,  then Tight White and Bright Party and lastly Battle of the Sexes. Other nights you went out to the town for local  meals.

Schnapps night is when Austrian schnapps where half price. There was a Schnapps snowboard with 18 shots for 26 Euros. Schnapps included butterscotch, passionfruit,  mixed berry and the two incredibly disgusting ones- Ice Glacier and Devils Brew. Devils brew is distilled from petrol.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 4.16.55 pmTight White and Bright Party is self explanatory. A party where you dress in tight, white and bright clothing. There were UV lights and glow body pens so when they turned off the lights everyone would glow.

Battle of the sexes night was quite fun.
Girls Vs. Boys in a series of challenges to see who knew the other sex better.

The bar was a pretty good place to chill out and have fun. Definitely have some good but funny memories from there.

I didn’t get any great photos in there however the photos included in this post were taken from my iPhone.

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