New Page: Travel Bucket List

If I complete this bucket list I’ll be a happy traveller.

There are so many more to add but this is my small list of 22 travel “to dos” I hope to achieve.northern-lights1

  1. See Northern Light
  2. Sky Dive over Dubai
  3. Work at a Ski resort for a winter season
  4. Work on a cruise ship
  5. Road Trip around Australia
  6. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
  7. Visit Brighton in the Summer
  8. Greek islands350px-Reef2
  9. Volunteer in South Africa
  10. Hold and interact with an Orangutang
  11. Volunteer for Green Bear Org
  12. Visit Gallipoli
  13. Go whale watching
  14. Taj Mahal at sunset
  15. Drive the great ocean roaduluru_sunrise
  16. Visit Stonehenge
  17. See sunrise at Uluru
  18. Italian cooking class
  19. Stone Statues on Easter Island
  20. See Salar De Uyuni
  21. Santorini Islands
  22. Buy a Dirndle whilst in Germany

Photos on the right are from websites and the URLs should be linked however I am not the best with technology and websites. I did not take those photos to the right.

Taken by Stamped Passport

One thought on “New Page: Travel Bucket List

  1. Hi, interesting post and great list of places and things to do. May take you a little while but it’s worth doing. Just need to concentrate the mind and you can do anything. We’re currently on our little JWalking trip ( and have completely changed our lives by making a few decisions and doing a bit of planning. It can be done.

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