Travel by Snapchat

I had a moment of thought to myself, because why not.

There is an App called “Snapchat” which I am sure majority of you guys have heard of and/or use. For those who are new to this- Snapchat is an app where you send photos and/or videos to people that last up to only 10 seconds.

I do enjoy a snapchat or two myself and I can be one of those people who post a lot onto “MyStory” (My Story is where you can post a timeline of snapchats to all your friends).
My thought was questioning the future (but current) use of Snapchat with travel.

Friends on my snapchat who go travelling generally post many photos and videos of there activities during their days abroad. It makes me very jealous IMG_2088whilst they are off in the European summer I am suck in the Australian winter going to university or work every morning.

I went and had a look at my photos from my recent trip to Europe and there were quite a few saved snapchats. I posted a lot when I was travelling, showing my friends what I was up to daily.

It has become a platform to share casual photos and videos to friends/family of what you are doing. You don’t have to worry about lighting, quality or etc. 

So instead of waiting to share everything when you go back home, you can share it all via Snapchat as you go. The new iPhones are getting better cameras every model upgrade so the quality can only improve 

I have attached a small gallery of photos and videos screenshots from my travel snapchats IMG_2050They are photos I probably would not post on my blog because of their quality but I thought they’d show “travel by snapchat” examples. The photo gallery will also be on the the blog’s Facebook page. I will add a link once uploaded.

It’s a cool idea to think about. How it could be the future of sharing travel over social media, well it kind of already is.

Snapchat even has a feature where a different cities from around the world are featured on the app homepage with your friends stories. People from those cities can post videos of ‘what’s happening
in…” and people worldwide can see it.

Disclaimer: I promise this isn’t a post to promote Snapchat or iPhones. I am not a paid blogger. It was just a thought I thought I would share.

Let me know what you think about travel and snapchat in the comment section below, I would be interesting in hearing other people’s thoughts about it. 

Stamped Passport 

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